Peach Wood

Another of our favorites due to its extreme eccentricities. As wood interacts with salt water and the various organisms within the water, it can take on many different pigments and shades.  All of our driftwood is sourced from the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

Let's Talk Wood...


Also sourced from former fruit-bearing trees of Washington's Yakima Valley, pear wood is one of our favorites due to its vast array of colors.  From cream, to salmon pink, light brown, and isolated darker tones, each can often be found on the same piece of wood. 

Mardrona, native only to the Western Coast of the US and usually found on rocky bluffs, is a very hard wood with a smooth and extremely tight grain.  Colors can range from a light brown, to pink, red, and cream hues.  All of our Madrona wood is sourced from Washington State, and most of which from the San Juan Islands.

Our Peach Wood is also sourced from former fruit-bearing orchard trees in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.  A darker option in fruit woods, with distinct grains that can vary from off white to shades of reds, grays, and tans.

Pear Wood

Apple Wood

β€œTo dwellers in a wood, almost every species of tree has its voice as well as its feature.” 
― Thomas Hardy, Under the Greenwood Tree

Our Apple Wood is sourced from former fruit-bearing orchard trees in the Yakima Valley of Washington State.  A very striking wood with various cracks and imperfections, and with the creamy tones of its sap wood offset by the much darker interior heart wood. No two pieces of apple wood are ever the same, and create eye-catching furniture.


Drift Wood



Wood spalting is created by a wood-eating fungus that invades a tree, usually after it has died.  This can create vivid colors and zone lines throughout the wood that is highly sought after amongst woodworkers. Our supply of spalted alder wood can be limited at times as it comes from local trees that fall prey to wind storm events

Spalted Alder

Letting the Wood Speak

We believe the warmth and beauty of wood should speak for itself.  That's why we prefer to let the natural grains, colors, and yes, imperfections, be the highlights of our products and not dark or heavy stains that mask what each particular wood has to offer.  Through their own eccentricities, no two products are ever the same!  Below are some examples of our favorite wood options (apart from our Live-Edge products).  Don't see what you are looking for? We have access to it, so give us a call or email.